Our manufacturer named Wu-cheng Candle Making Machinery Equipment
Manufacturer is a specialized one which produces various kinds of Candle Making Machines,Candle Moulds and Candle Making Machines' Accessories with history of more than 20 years.
   The pipes we used in the candle making machines are seamless brass pipes with 1.2-1.5mm in thickness.They are stretched to candle shapes with shinning surface,corrosion resistant steel,quick cooling the temperature and so on.
   The candle making machines are well durable used without electric power.They are easy in operation and in reparation.The mould elevator system are used by carbon steel (they are gear-wheel,gear-bar,gear-roller and helical roller,elevator-bar and pushing-bar).The cooling water tank is used by top class steel plate with 3-4mm in thickness.They are punched by hydraulics with recycling water pipes which makes the water to quick cooling down in temperature.
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Our Office in Qingdao: B.Respected Intertrade Room 203 Unit 2 No.29 Jiangxi Road,Qingdao P.C. 266071
TEL:0086-532-85829506 Mobile:1360634535
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